How can Figure out Physics help me as a teacher?

Students perform better and retain information for longer using Figure out Physics. The quiz system was designed using Physics educational research and has been developed in the classroom.
Customisable topics and classes gives you complete flexibility when assigning quizzes to students. Easy to use but detailed teacher tools help you track student performance using quiz by quiz percentage confidence values.
Student percentage confidence drops over time as their memory of ideas reduces over the school year and beyond. You can monitor this through the class quizzes overview page. Students can improve their scores by reviewing quizzes from their own portal.
The overview page gives you all the information you need to get a snapshot of their ability in a particular area, showing percentage confidence and number of reviews.
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How do the quizzes work?

Each topic is split up into quizzes, and each quiz is made up of several learning objectives. Each learning objective has a number of questions, the system will randomly choose which question to ask your students.
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Each wrong answer in the system is linked to a misconception. Students must correct misconceptions before moving onto the next learning objective. This way, students know why they got a question wrong and are given an opportunity to improve before moving on.
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The system tracks knowledge retention over time and shows teachers and students when it is time to refresh and review each quiz.
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